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Separation & Divorce

We understand that the process of obtaining a divorce can be a traumatic event in your life. We are able to help our clients through this difficult time by handling this process with compassion and efficiency. You can rest assured that we are on your side.

Property Settlements

Negotiating a divorce settlement following a separation can be a difficult process for married and de facto couples alike. When deciding on the property settlement, there are a number of factors to be considered including the length of the relationship, the financial contributions made by both parties, non- financial contributions, the parties’ individual incomes and potential to earn an income.

Parenting Arrangements

We assist our clients to finalise the living arrangements for their children, focusing always on the best interests of the children. We recognise the importance of children maintaining a relationship with both parents after a separation occurs, and we have the expertise to assist parents in reaching agreement about the parenting arrangements for their children.

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How we offer you peace of mind
Friendly and Experienced Advice

Brisbane Divorce Lawyers is a specialty division of Mitchells Solicitors, a legal firm on the south side of Brisbane. We can assist with all aspects of family law, from separation and divorce to settlement, child support, domestic violence support, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, surrogacy, adoption, child abduction and mediation. Our values include excellence in our knowledge and practice of the law, honesty and strength.

  • Separation & Divorce

    We help you navigate the process of separation and divorce.

  • Property Settlements

    We help you achieve an agreement that is equitable and fair.

  • parenting arrangements

    We act in the best interests of the children.

  • All aspects of family law

    Including adoption, surrogacy, child abduction & financial agreements.

Our Team

Our friendly and experienced team.
Phillipa Kingswell
Phillipa Kingswell
Senior Associate Accredited Specialist Family Law
Phillipa is an experienced solicitor and accredited as a family law specialist by the Queensland Law Society. Complementing her recognised technical skill and knowledge of the law affecting domestic relationships is her background in early childhood education and development. She brings her experience negotiating and documenting complex property transactions in the distribution of property between separating spouses to every settlement.
Adele Bentham
Adele Bentham
Adele has a particular interest in family law, which was one of the main factors in her original decision to study law. Adele holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Economics and has completed a Masters of Applied Law. In her spare time Adele volunteers at the Women’s Legal Centre and is a member of the Family Law Practitioners’ Association. When not at work, Adele enjoys reading, cooking and playing netball.
Monique Nguyen
Monique Nguyen
Law Clerk
Monique started with Mitchells in 2006 as our receptionist, then was quickly promoted to legal assistant. Monique recently commenced legal studies with a view to completing a Bachelor of Laws. Monique is a proud mum whose son commenced prep in 2014. When not at work, Monique enjoys Vietnamese and Thai food, hanging out with the family and shopping.

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