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We are expert divorce lawyers and can help you with separation and divorce, parenting arrangements, and property settlements.

Your Family Law Experts

We offer expert and friendly advice for your family law needs, including domestic violence, surrogacy, adoption and child abduction.

Separation & Divorce

Getting a divorce or ending a de facto relationship is one of the most stressful events in your life, and our divorce lawyers are on your side.

Property Settlements

Negotiating a divorce settlement following a separation can be a difficult process, but we can help make it as stress-free as possible.

Parenting Arrangements

We’ll assist you to finalise the parenting arrangements for their children, focusing always on the best interests of the children.

Financial Agreements

We’ll help you with pre-nuptial agreements and financial agreements during or after your relationship.


We’ll help you to mediate – with a view to hopefully avoiding the emotional and financial costs of a court battle.

Domestic Violence

We can help you to apply for a protection order and any necessary court matters.

We offer a free, 10-minute phone consultation.

Who We Are

Brisbane Divorce Lawyers is a specialty division of Mitchells Solicitors & Business Advisors, a legal firm on the south side of Brisbane.

The modern firm of Brisbane Divorce Lawyers can assist with all aspects of family law, from separation and divorce to settlement, child support, domestic violence support, adoption and mediation.  Our values include excellence in our knowledge and practice of the law, honesty and strength.

When you need expert, friendly advice – we’re on your side.

Adele Bentham

Adele Bentham


Adele has a particular interest in family law, which was one of the main factors in her original decision to study law. Apart from looking after our family law clients’ needs, Adele also handles clients’ commercial transactions and litigation matters.

Adele holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Economics from the University of New England together with a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law. Most recently, she graduated with a Masters of Applied Law. When not at work, Adele enjoys reading, cooking and playing netball.

Monique Nguyen

Monique Nguyen


Our Blog

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Things Divorce Can Teach You

Divorce is one of the most stressful, painful events to go through in life, second only to death. Yet it happens at least one in three of us, and one of the great things about other people having experienced it is that they often have excellent advice to give about...

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This year, like many others, Australia is fighting a war that is even bigger than terrorism. Australia is, according to our government, in an ongoing war with terrorism. So committed is Australia to fighting terror that we have spent $1 billion fighting it. Zaky...

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