Brisbane Divorce Lawyers is a specialty division of Mitchells Solicitors, with offices in Brisbane City, Moorooka and Sunshine Coast.

The modern firm of Brisbane Divorce Lawyers can assist with all aspects of family law, from separation and divorce to settlement, child support, domestic violence support, adoption and mediation.  Our values include excellence in our knowledge and practice of the law, honesty and strength.cake

We can help you:

  • If you are considering separating from your partner
  • If you are unsure what your rights might be under the law
  • If you need to reach agreement with property settlements or parenting arrangements
  • If you would like to draft a financial agreement prior to or after marriage
  • If you are experiencing family violence and need advice
  • If you are part of a blended family and are considering adoption
  • Any other matter that falls under the banner of family law

We offer a free 10 minute phone consultation during which we can advise you of your best course of action.

Divorce Lawyers Brisbane offers a free, 10-minute phone consultation.

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