While for most people divorce is a difficult and emotional time, it can also create some irrational behaviour which leads to some very interesting divorce stories. But remember that as crazy as these stories are, there are usually consequences for them as well.

Divorce Stories That Affected the Settlement

While it’s easy to be sympathetic towards a wronged spouse, their vindictive behaviour has often meant that their property settlement has been affected as a result.

There was a case where a wife drove her husband’s new Mercedes to a cliff top, got out, took off the handbrake and allowed it to topple over the edge. It was absolutely destroyed, but what she didn’t realise was that the court would take into account the value of the car and deduct it from her settlement.

In another case, the wife who poured paint stripper all over her estranged husband’s car when she discovered his infidelity was found guilty of criminal damage … which again left her financially far worse off.

In January of 1997, a California woman filed for divorce after 25 years of what her husband believed had been a happy marriage. The real reason didn’t come out until two years later. On Dec. 28, 1996, just 11 days before she filed for divorce, the wife had won $1.3 million in the California Lottery. Thereafter, she took various actions to keep the money all to herself, including filing for divorce. When the truth came out, a Los Angeles family court judge ruled that the woman had violated state asset disclosure laws and awarded every cent of her lottery winnings to her ex-husband.

divorce stories, separation and divorce, divorce, divorce lawyers brisbaneDivorce Stories We Didn’t Make Up

In one case, a wife exacted revenge against her husband via his prized possession: She let all of the water out of the shark tank.

In another case, the husband announced his intent to file for divorce by burning his wife’s wedding dress in the fireplace. She hadn’t done anything you would expect to warrant this: no affair, no misuse of their money.

A 34-year-old man filed for divorce from his 28-year-old bride just days after the wedding, after he saw her without makeup, according to Dr. Abdul Aziz Asaf, a psychologist at the clinic where the woman sought help in recovering from her psychological suffering as a result. Apparently, the man felt that his wife had deceived him with cosmetics, including false eyelashes. The “deception” was discovered when the two went to the beach together, and a dip in the ocean washed away her makeup.

An Italian man filed for divorce on the grounds that his wife was “possessed by the devil.” Apparently, the woman had displayed “inexplicable behavior” since 2007, including fits, body-stiffening, and even self-levitation. A court in Milan granted the divorce, acknowledging the existence of the behavior but declining to say it was the wife’s fault.

In 2007, a Russian man ran out of money while playing poker, so he bet his wife—and lost. When his wife found out, she left him for the man who’d won her and her heart.

Divorce Stories That Are A Bit Sad

In one case, the husband got sick of paying child support and decided to hire a hitman to kill his ex-wife. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of hiring an undercover policeman and paid him before fleeing the country.  An international task force was formed to try and detain him, and he was eventually charged and convicted. The child of the divorce remembers that:  “After all of this mom still had to sue for divorce; it took two years.”

In another case, everything that could go wrong did go wrong during a divorce. The husband had been in anger management therapy for months but when the time came for couples counseling, he never showed up at the appointment. The next day, she was placed under arrest for assault, when in reality, she had been protecting herself from his drunken abusive assault. Once she was released from jail, she learned she couldn’t go home due to a restraining order, and her husband had transferred all of the money out of their joint accounts and canceled her credit cards. A break in the case happened when he was caught drinking and driving. Ultimately, she was awarded full custody of their daughter, but not before enduring three years of stress.

Whatever you take away from these divorce stories, the real impact of separation and divorce on your family can be hard. If you need assistance, contact our friendly, experienced team today. We offer a free, 10-minute phone consultation.