Child Abduction

abductionWhen parents separate, one of them may wish without the other’s consent to take a child or children away – within the state, somewhere interstate or even overseas. If your former spouse has done this, we can assist in making an urgent application to the Court for a Location and Recovery Order. This is where the Court makes orders which enable you not only to locate your child or children but also to enable you to secure their return to you.

If there is a risk that your child or children may be snatched and taken overseas, we can help you lodge a child airport alert with the Australian Federal Police.

Australia is one of 87 countries which subscribe to the Hague Abduction Convention. This endeavours to ensure the prompt return of a removed or abducted child from one subscribing member nation to another. We can assist in advising you on how the Convention may operate in your particular circumstances, and on generating some media coverage if this could be helpful (but without identifying the child or children).