Property Settlements

houseHow Do I Finalise My Divorce Property Settlement?

Negotiating a divorce settlement following a separation can be a difficult process for married and de facto couples alike. When deciding on the property settlement, there are a number of factors to be considered including the length of the relationship, the financial contributions made by both parties, non- financial contributions, the parties’ individual incomes and potential to earn an income, the cost of care for any children of the relationship as well as the health of the parties.

A property or divorce settlement can be reached at anytime following a separation. However, if an agreement can not be reached, the statutory time period to make an Application to the Court runs out:

  • For married couples, 1 year from the date of their divorce order;
  • For de facto couples, 2 years from the date of separation.

We recommend that negotiations for a property settlement commence shortly after a separation and, ideally, prior to the parties’ acquiring further assets or incurring further debt.

Do I Need a Divorce Settlement Lawyer?

Negotiating a divorce settlement at an emotional time is often hard, and we can help by guiding you through it. With a thorough knowledge of the law, we know what a fair property settlement looks like. We are experienced in handling property settlements for our clients, and focus on mediation and negotiation where possible to get the most cost-effective and satisfactory results. We are also skilled at handling court proceedings to finalise property settlements if this ultimately becomes necessary.

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