happy childrenWhat is the greatest gift divorced parents can give to their kids?

The freedom to love both parents equally.

In other words, formulating a co-parenting plan that allows your children to feel safe and secure.

How can this be achieved?

Communicating kindly with each other. With divorce often comes a lot of pain, hurt and anger, but where possible your children should never pick up on this. What hurts kids most is having parents who put their kids in the middle of a war zone, or use them as messengers or forcing them to choose between Mum and Dad. Kids need permission to love each parent equally with reprisal from the other.

Banning continual conflict. Even those snarky comments about how irresponsible their father is, or how dumb their mother is – these are adult issues that kids shouldn’t have to bear. We used to believe that it was divorce that messed kids up. We now know this is not the case. It’s conflict that messes kids up.

Putting the kids first. We hear it so often, but it really does work. Understanding that your children need both parents in their lives (providing there is no violence) and working together to achieve good communication and a strong co-parenting plan ahead of our own hurts and desires really is the best for your children.

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